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PRINCETON FORKLIFT PARTS SALE - Truck Mounted Forklift Parts


905.203 Mast Roller Bearing  Sale Price 58.00

Sale Price 58.00



420.061 Stub Shaft For Roller Above (weld in)  Sale Price $16.00


4514-000 Mast Roller  Sale Price 47.00



311.239  50 mm Chain Roller   Sale Price   175.00



102.047  50 mm Weld in Chain Roller Shaft   Sale Price   72.00



102.046  50 mm Weld in Chain Roller Shaft Upper   Sale Price  100.00



101-128 or  4568-000  3" Cam Follower Roller   Sale Price 82.00




 101-134 3" Cam Follower Roller with Longer Stud and No Grease Fitting   Sale Price 85.00



4573-000  2" HD Cam Follower   Sale Price  55.00



529.999.0006 or  210432  Moffett Mast Roller  With Stud  Sale Price $90.00



 210433-1  Moffett Mast Roller  No Stud    Sale Price $80.00



967-000  Dolly Wheel  Sale Price  33.00


833-001E  Dolly Hub Assembly Sale Price  92.00

Princeton List 162.75


516-100  Hatz Fan Belt  Sale Price  45.00



309-100 or 309-104   Key Switch   Sale Price  110.00



2155-000 Key Switch   Sale Price  46.00

Princeton List 77.25


534-105 Aftermarket  Kubota Alternator NEW (Not Rebuilt)  Sale Price  158.00

Princeton List  405.17


505-515  Air Filter Princeton Sale Price  25.00


Universal Seat With Slide Adjusters

Sale Price  160.00


D50, PB50, PB70 and PBX Double Gear Pump 202-331   Sale Price $424.90



D50, PB50, PB65  Steer Column 107-104  Sale Price $177.00

List $267.00


D5000 Steer Column P61.99B  Sale Price $180.00

List $282.50



DIN570 108 02  Valve Lever Bracket  Sale Price $68.00



1787-000 Valve Lever Kit   Sale Price $72.00



D50, D45, PB50 and PB65  Wheels Part # P90.391B and P90.451B

These wheels are new but have some nicks chips in the paint. They were left outside for

a while so some are a little dirty. Some may have a spot of rust.

These rims are 15" x 13" for the 31-15.50  x 15 tire and fit the Poclain and Rexroth motors.

Princeton List  $250.33

Sale Price  $150.00


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